Dog Guard® will safely contain your pet using time-tested training techniques, without costing you a fortune. Please take time to view our infomercial created by one of our own dealers, Jeff Hansen as he explains the freedom, safety, capability and reliability of the Dog Guard® system.

Our products include the latest and greatest features that are available on the market. Our T-4 Transmitter has an industry-leading 32 adjustable levels of correction. Each system is coded with a unique code, making our systems virtually immune to all interference.

Assembled and tested in the USA with nearly 95% of the parts sourced from within the US …

All Dog Guard® products are produced 100% assembled and tested in the United States. As consumers ourselves, we know how important reliability of these products is to insure that your family-loved pets are kept safe both day and night.

Dog Guard® dealers are dedicated to pet safety and have worked with their own pets for a number of years till date. We keep in touch with our dealers all the time and encourage them to develop their own ideas for advertising and marketing. Sharing ideas from dealers to manufacturers and within the dealer community has enhanced our products' capabilities and has contributed to informational symmetry to and from our customers.

Dog Guard® is a product of Sunward Electronics, Inc. and has been in the business of protecting family pets since 1988. In the 20 years that we have been in business, we have been profitable and are still owned by the founders. Our stability is like none other in the industry and we are determined to stay this way. We take pride in producing high quality, reliable products that are superior to many others. Distributed through our nationwide dealer network, Dog Guard® products reach thousands around the country each year. Dog Guard® works out of Sunward's headquarters in  the Keenan Building

in Historical Downtown Troy, NY. The photo below is of the Keenan Building in Downtown Troy's main business area, Broadway.