Dog Guard of Atlanta is the premiere dog containment system for the greater Atlanta area. Our underground fences are “out of sight!”

We offer the best system on the market for a flat rate of $820+tax for one dog in a yard up to one acre

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installed)--no “free quote” necessary. That price also includes your initial training (training your dog,and training you to continue the training). After your dog is trained, the system is low maintenance, with the only additional upkeep being battery replacement every four months, and we can even auto-mail you your new batteries so you won’t ever forget!

We have been a family-owned business since 1995, and Dog Guard customers ourselves for even longer. Our family has personally used this system on our own dogs over the years (seven total!), and so we can testify that it truly does work. As a family business, we value our customer relationship most of all. You’ll always know who is coming to your home or who you’re talking to on the phone, and trust that we are running a fair and reliable business.